Monday, October 5, 2009


I miss blogging. Sorry for being on HIATUS for almost a month plus. I have been busy and lazy as alwez. I do have lotsa things to share but unfortunately, i was too lazy to even blog. Many things had happened during my 'silence' from blogging. Last few days, i just lost a friend. A friend who never brag about anything when you need help from him. A friend who would never say 'no' when you need urgent things to be done. A friend who i hardly know much about & had been friends for almost a year. A friend who i used to tease at work. A friend who will alwez be missed til' the end of our life. I have nuthing much to say about him since we don't reli know much abt each other. He was my colleague, he was only 22.. He left us for good last friday afta Juma'at prayers. He was such a good friend to all of us... We were all shocked with the news informed by his family. We left the office quite early and headed off to his house hoping to see him again for the very last time. But unfortunately, he was still in the hospital at that time. We couldn't wait much longer coz' we were informed dat he will be brought back home quite late. We were all very sad and can't believe that we are losing him for life.

"Sesungguhnya ALLAH lebih menyayangimu.. kami redha dengan pemergiannya.. semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat.. AMIN......."

- In loving memories, Norihan Bin Hj Awang Damit. Al-fatihah.

No matter how young or old you are, death doesn't count age. Death doesn't gives notice. Death comes when its time. Subhahanallah.

Anyways, we were supposed to be celebrating our office raya celebration the next day. No matter what happened, we still have to carry on with the event. The event went well but yet.. how we wish he was there to celebrate it with us. But wat to do.. life goes on~ I spent the weekend with my familia and relatives at my Uncle Jidi's Open House. I was too tired i gez that i've fallen to sleep in my cousin's room. I drove back home alone around 1ish. Baik jua nde apa2.. kalat mata ku kalie ah..

Oh .. i wanted to post some pictures i took during Ramadhan and Raya but then i haven't got time to edit those photos. I will post em when i have time yeah. I know i should be updating you guys about my daily routine but seriously.. work has been hectic.. got lotsa things going on in my mind.. and i pretty much don't have the right words to blog about. Basically, my everyday is mostly all about work and its BORING i tell yah! You wouldnt want me to blog all about my work everyday huh.. hehehe..

♥ Mellicious
11:21 PM

Sunday, August 23, 2009



Ramadhan has come again this year... ALHAMDULILLAH.. given the chance to experience ramadhan again. Ramadhan is all about patience and blessings. I hope Ramadhan this year to be utilised duin all good deeds & to be happy. There will be family gatherings as alwez.. 'terawih' prayers.. 'tedarus' and lots more. I love it when it comes to Ramadhan but sadly... again, this year we are celebrating puasa without our beloved grandpa. Usually every year , he will come over to break fast with us and perform terawih prayer at the mosque nearby. So all the aunts and uncles will come to gather at our place.

So yeah, its been two days i went for Terawih with AdeQ. First day, we went to Masjid Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien @ BSB and lasnite we went terawih at Jamee. Coincidentally, we met Ka Jul these two days at two different mosques. Pandai ya stalking kami.. hehehe... and so i heard laznite that one of the ladies praying in Jamee lost her handbag. Astagafirullah al azim.. time org sembahyang pun ada kecurian. Afta terawih, we went to Easyway @ Qlap and there again.... we met Ka Jul. AHHAHA.. bukan stalking kah tu?? =p

Anyway, we went to McD for supper. Before we head home, we went cruising to BSB. As we were cruising around, there was actually one car is following us from behind. At first we didn't realize but after awhile noticing that they are following wherever we go, we got scared. Since we don't want them to track us down til we reach home, i decided to pull over and asked why. There's these two guys asking if we know them. Obviously, we never met them at all. We stopped by at one shop and had a chitchat. We never done this ever... GULP! So yeah.. i guess that wraps up my stories..

I just wanna wish every Muslims.... Selamat Berpuasa & Jangan Lupa Terawih... Hehe.. Thanks to ALLAH, i am back to be a happy person again. Alhamdulillah.. can't wait to see the couzies.. plans for today? NO PLANS AT ALL. Just wanna chill at home.

♥ Mellicious
1:07 PM

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How you wish you could make life better ANYTIME YOU WANT!


Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy with almost everything from work to attending 'tahlil', random visits to my tailor shop, family gatherings etc. So yeah, work has been bitchy to me lately.. I dunno why but I jus don't have that great mood anymore to even do my work. I don't enjoy it lately and its reli frustrating. I told my colleague about it and he felt the same. Something is not right with myself.. i have been feeling ultimately boring going to work. It reli sux but then... apart of me telling me not to give up.. what is actually affecting my mood rite now?? MashaALLAH, show me a sign pls~

Anyway, i went to KB laznite to meet up with my beloved best buddies Abe & Abg Saed. Its been awhile since i last met them. We met not long ago like last week during our 'tahlil' session @ the office but we didn't chill out after that. That is why i decided to chill out with them before Ramadhan comes. I know i will be very busy during Ramadhan since i have classes to attend, sports activities, terawih session, family gatherings, sungkai gatherings with the cousins & friends etc. Nuthin much in KB tho.. we went to simpur to try out the Ahad's burger and i loveeeeeeeeeeee it! Left KB around midnite and YES IT WAS a bit scarry to drive all alone from KB to BSB. Yikess.. syukuralhamdulillah i arrived home safely around 1ish. I know its crazy but damnnn.. it was a last minute plan.

I am DAMN BORED rite now.. i am going to put myself to sleep soon enuff! Oh yes, i met 'M' last week. We were supposed to watch movie together but unfortunately we missed the movie so i decided to just cruise around. What wonders me that nite was dat.. I dunno what i feel when he is there rite infront of my eyes... talking to me.. walking beside me.. smiling, laughing, eating bla bla bla. I am happy tho getting to meet him after for so long. The last time we met was last June. We have been good friends eversince but whenever i'm out with him, he alwez treat me special. It is what i've alwez wanted things to be.. sweet & romantic. Apart from that, I am thinking of someone else when he's with me. WHY? I wanted to tell him that i was feeling kinda down at that moment but i don't wanna spoil his mood since he was kinda enjoying his time with me and was very happy.

He had been so nice to me that nite and pretty much caring about my life. I updated him about my life and what i have been duin. I still miss him sometimes but after having a long thinking, i am better off just friends with him. He deserved to be wit someone else. He deserved to be happy.. i don't know whether he will be happy with me or not if we're back together. Better don't think about it. I am missing the other particular someone rite now. I know i should not feel this way but it's unavoidable. I tried to but he made me fall for him. I can't help it but i wanna take things easy. He didn't call or even text me like he used to anymore. And HE deserved to be happy too with someone else i guess. I can't tell him how i feel since we have nothing in between yet. I can pretty much say i'm too shy to tell him how i feel towards him. Frankly, I am not hoping for anything but I don't want him to change the way he treated me. He used to alwez be there for me during my day and nite. He used to call me almost everyday and now he stopped. Whenever i am not around, he would texted or even called me sometimes at least more den 4 times a day.

When you have someone who concerned about urself too much, you tend to feel that you're special. You're being loved. I do not need to be in a relationship to feel this love but I just want to be treated the way i've alwez been treated all this while. Day by day, I am trying to stay calm and trying so hard to control this feelings. I know i have a lot of friends around me but I don't know why.. HE CAN MAKE ME SAD JUST THINKING ABT HIM! Its so frustrating.....!!! I do not wish to be treated nicely at the first place but things just get overboard and now these feelings is getting more everyday. Sigh. But its alrite, Allah have better plans for us in the future and i believe that. I hope for this sadness to end. Its breaking my heart just thinking about it. I don't know if it is LOVE but hopefully, things can change.. I wanna be the girl who i used to be. The happy smiley girl... *pout*

♥ Mellicious
11:50 PM

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Its Juz One of Those Days...

When you're feeling sad and blue...
Its just one of those days.. When you feel you needed someone so bad..
Its just one of those days.. When things does not go the way you wanted..
Its just one of those days.. When you hope you could be around him again..
Its just one of those days.. When you realized you're too young to b sad...
Its just one of those days.. When you wish you can change things the way u wanted..
Its just one of those days.. When you wish you could have him...
Its just one of those days.. When you feel there is no one there to comfort you...
Its just one of those days.. When you feel you can't hide this feelings anymore..
Its just one of those days.. When you wish you could own the world...
Its just one of those days.. When you want ALLAH to give you more happiness...
Its just one of those days.. When you wish you are a MILLIONAIRE...
Its just one of those days.. When you feel you wanna get married & have babies..
Its just one of those days.. When you wish you could make everyone around you happy...
Its just one of those days.. When you hope ALLAH could grant you your wishes..
Its just one of those days.. When you wish you could turn back time to your happy moments...
Its just one of those days.. When you wish someone could make you feel the love...
Its just one of those days.. When you feel you want to have the best love ever...
Its just one of those days.. When you wish you could have a glimpse of heaven...

Its just one of those days..
When you wish you could never have this kinda feelings ever again...
But.. that would be impossible. Why?
Coz we're human beings.. NONE human beings in this world could ever escape from feeling blue once in awhile.. even ANIMALS have feelings too.. u can't see it but if you notice it animals do have feelings too.. contoh nya..

Ain't that cuteeeeeeeeeee??? Hehe..

and yet again, ITS JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS...


♥ Mellicious
12:22 AM

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tell me the best medicine to put me to sleep EARLY!

Its nearly 2am & I am not even sleepy yet even a bit. Since it is Saturday and that i am only working halfday, i don't mind staying up til late. I still can rest in the afternoon. Anyway, i am a bit upset tho coz' one of my colleagues has resigned. We have known for almost 4 years and he is a great companion. Its pretty sad not to be able to be working with him again since he has been one of my closest office mate. I know i will be seeing him again but it won't be as often as we alwez did. I wish him luck with his new job and hope we'll keep intouch always.


So anyway, its been awhile since i last met my girls. To me, 3 days not seeing each other felt like 3 years not seeing each other. Last few days, i had some misunderstanding with one of my bestfriends. It was a bitter conversation. It was nothing terrible tho' but i was dissappointed. Until today, it has affected my mood. I have mood swings.. at one moment i was happy den at one point, i become upset. Was it becoz i miss someone too? I don't know. Its a mixed feelings between friendship probs and other probs. I guess i have to chill a bit to ease things off. Haiyaahh.. I haven't been out for quite awhile with the girls. I miss them a LOT! I am feeling much better just staying at home, doing my thang, play around with the cute lil Baby Yasmien etc.

I miss those late nite hangouts with the girls ( I know for some ppl its not healthy but who cares ). Seriously we love those late nite hangouts eventho' it was nothing happening going on. Just late nite chit chats, reminiscing the old memories, cruising and lots more. I gez i enjoyed too much and its time to rest from doing all those activities at the time being. BUT dat does not mean i won't be out with the girls. We will still hang out, meet new ppl, healthy socialize & do anything dat bring good things to our life. You might never know who will be around you the next time you hangout somewhere. Baik jua aku ane inda gila chill.. lau inda seluruh cafe n restaurants kalie udah muka ku saja... HEHEHE.

Now, its alredi almost 3am and YET inda jua mau tdur mata ane. Bah tdur eee. OMIGOSH, i miss him. Not a bit but BERABIS! sedih jua ku tu.. whatever! I'm just gonna rest on my bed and force myself to sleep. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

♥ Mellicious
1:49 AM

Friday, August 7, 2009

Salam Takziah


I just came back from Tutong 30mins ago. It was sad to see my auntie for the very last time. Semoga rohnya di cucuri rahmat.. Amin~ She left a husband, two daughters and one son. She's my father's sister & she is only 48yrs old if i'm not mistaken. Mungkin Allah lebih menyayangi nya.. Al-fatihah. Its so sad to see my granny cried so hard and all my relatives were crying too. Condolence to my cousins for the death of their mother. My parents will be home late or probably sleep over at granny's. My cousin told me that she was fasting and dat she died in her sleep. The doctor informed that she had died 5 hrs ago before she was brought to the hospital. Her husband and children were fasting too and they thought she was just having a nap. But instead, she was actually gone for good. Kesian.. She will be buried first thing in the morning after subuh prayer. Semua yang hidup ke dunia akan pasti kembali kepadaNYA. Inalillahi wailahi rajiun...

Anyway, everything went well @ work. Alhamdulillah.. my mood was ok coz' i have my friends all around me. A friend who will alwez put a smile on my face even if its just a lame joke. Especially Ak. Irwana, he NEVER fails to make me laugh hard to all his nonsense, silly jokes & funny actions. When i think about it, life is too short to keep being sad all the time. As the saying goes, " Live Life To The Fullest ". But on other occasions, its not all the time you're alwez happy. There are times when you can get so depressed, sad, heartbroken, upset etc. OK, enuff! OMIGOSH.. its nearly 3am. I should get my beauty sleep... i know its DAMN LATE! But tell yah, i'm a LATE SLEEPER! Teehee....

I Mish You ♥21... x0x0

♥ Mellicious
1:25 AM

Thursday, August 6, 2009

How worse can it get

What can i say about today?

I am not working this morning and i'm dead bored. I woke up pretty late so i decided to just work in the afternoon. Plus, i don't have the mood to work. I have a lot of things going on in my mind that i do not wish to share it here. Its really affecting my mood and I hate it. Everything is just so messed up rite now.. In what other ways to stop thinking abt it?? To get very busy, i might stop thinking about everything. Sigh.

And to make this mood even worse, i am missing someone so much. Someone who you could express your feelings to but just wouldn't tell personally how much you are missing him. I didn't expect that i could miss him this much. Does he knows how much i am missing him? I don't think so. I guess i am starting to like him or mebe was it just lust? I DON'T KNOW. I'm reli confused rite now. I wanna overcome these feelings to not be too much. All i know now is that i miss him so much.

I gotta get ready to work.. hope nothing even worse happens today.. sighhhhhhh.

♥ Mellicious
11:26 AM

Monday, August 3, 2009


I should be sleeping by now but somehow i feel like updating my blog. I have been very busy these few days. so, HOW DID YOU SPEND YOUR WEEKEND? Saturday is my favourite day. Its the day i only work half day & get to spend my afternoon resting or doing some stuffs. I came back from work last saturday coz i was having discussions with the bosses. I ended up going back around 3ish. We talked about a lot of things such as work related, this year disaster ( swine flu, flood, fault electricity etc.) , religious matters & more. It was one great conversations that i had with the bosses. So i got home around 3 and my girlfriend AB all the way from KB texted me informing that she'll be going down to BSB. Its been quite awhile since we last met. I miss her a lot! We used to go out together alwez when she was still working here at BSB. Since she was posted to KB, we seldom meet & i miss her craziness a lot! I miss having her around me. =)

Met up at my place & we went straight to fetch Licia at her place. We went to have lunch at Country's Patch. I should give two thumbs up for the foods served. It was very mouth watering seeing the cakes displayed. AB sent us home around 6pm and will be seeing her again next weekend insyaALLAH. Since Baby Yasmien not home, i decided to go to my cousin to cook some pasta. We were watching Syurga Cinta together and it was a nice movie, indeed! We started cooking at 11pm, yess akhir kan?? We had no choice.. we got carried away watching that movie. It was a great nite spent with the Cousins, Sister & Licia. We were having a conversation in the kitchen and it ended around 2ish. We were mostly talking about religious stuffs and it is very important to keep learning about Islam. There are still a lot of things that i need to learn and so far ALHAMDULILLAH.. I am happy with my life.

I still remember the things my teacher used to tell us and wanted us to alwez remember is not to ever forget to perform our prayers. This is what she alwez tells us...

"Kenapa kalau kan main game kah, kan liat tv kah, kan baca buku mau kamu ber jam2 tapi kenapa bila kana suruh melakukan sembahyang atu payah2 kamu kan melakukan?"

"Sembahyang atu inda memerlukan seluruh waktu kamu atu.. ALLAH minta secubit masa kamu saja tu untuk melakukannya.."

"Sebagai pengajaran kamu cikgu ingatkan kalau bleh dengan hati yg ikhlas, jangan pernah lupa sembahyang.. ALLAH saja tempat kamu berdoa, tempat kamu minta di lindungi, tempat kamu bleh mengadu apa saja.. dan kepadaNYA jua kamu akan di kembalikan"

Thats what i only remember. To think of it.. i find it is logic and we just need 5 mins to perform our prayers. InsyaALLAH i will continue this never ending habit and i wish to learn more about ISLAM. It is actually quite interesting to learn about our religion.

I took this from someone who posted it in FB,

Assalamualaikum semua.

Cuba kira.....

1Ramadan pada tahun 2012 jatuh pada

20 July hari Jumaat,

jadi 3 August 2012 bersamaan

15 Ramadan jatuh juga hari Jumaat.

Sama dengan hadis nabi

pasal huru hara besa r yang akan jadi

pada tengah malam pertengahan bulan ramadan

iaitu hari jumaat 15 ramadan ,

di bumi ni yang akan mengejutkan semua

orang yang sedang tidur,

pasal satu suara yang amat dahsyat akan

kita dengar dekat langit, bukan kiamat tapi

huru hara tersebut

akan melenyapkan umat manusia di atas

muka bumi ini sebanyak 2/3,

yang tinggal

cuma 1/3 sahaja.

(yang NASA Amerika dok bagitau

pada 21-12-2012 planet X akan lintas dekat bumi ni)

Adakah kita semua ni tergolong dalam 1/3 itu.......

ALLAH sahaja maha mengetahui.. ......... ..

cuba kita tengok hadis nabi di bawah .

Nu'aim bin Hammad meriwayatkan dengan sanadnya bahwa Rasulullah saw. bersabda:
Bila telah muncul suara di bulan Ramadhan, maka akan terjadi huru-hara di bulan Syawwal...".

Kami bertanya: "Suara apakah, ya Rasulullah?"

Beliau menjawab: "Suara keras di pertengahan bulan Ramadhan, pada malam Jum'at,

akan muncul suara keras yang membangunkan orang tidur,

menjadikan orang yang berdiri jatuh terduduk, para gadis keluar dari pingitannya,

pada malam Juma'at di tahun terjadinya banyak gempa.

Jika kalian telah melaksanakan shalat Subuh pada hari Jum'at,

masuklah kalian ke dalam rumah kalian, tutuplah pintu-pintunya,

sumbatlah lubang-lubangnya, dan selimutilah diri kalian,

sumbatlah telinga kalian. Jika kalian merasakan adanya suara menggelegar,

maka bersujudlah kalian kepada Allah dan ucapkanlah:

"Mahasuci Al-Quddus, Mahasuci Al-Quddus,

Rabb kami Al-Quddus!",

karena barangsiapa melakukan hal itu akan selamat, tetapi barangsiapa

yang tidak melakukan hal itu akan binasa".

Subhahanallah.. whether it is true or not, we just hope and pray that everything will be alrite. AMIN..

Ermm.. ok, nuthin much happened today (Sunday). I woke up quite late.. and ♥21 called me around 12pm. I MISS HIM SO MUCH! so, i went out with my brother today.. we went to court furnishing and i bought a computer table. Den, we went to DQ's bandar & saw HIS's bike. Txted him and we met. ALHAMDULILLAH, we still friends eventho we had alredi broke up. We still remain good friends. Before that while waiting for him, there's this one lady was knocking on our window. She was telling me that she came from Sabah and dat she wanted to find a job here and that she was short of cash.. bla bla bla.. and asked if she i could give her $10 for her ride back to her place. So, i asked my brother to give her $10 but my brother was reluctant to give her the money. I insisted him to give that lady $10. After that when the girl left, my brother told me that the lady is a cheap liar. HAHA! I was fallen into her trap den. He told me dat she used to trick his fren too and his friend ended up giving her $10 too. HAHAHA. Well, its alrite.. sedakah saja tia... He even said i should not be too generous to people.. He asked me to be very careful next time.

I reached home around 8pm and Mom wanted me to accompany her to ICC to check out the booth for the upcoming expo. We are joining the expo and for sure you guys will be seeing me with siblings at one of the booth at the upcoming expo in ICC which will be held on the 5th til 9th August 2009. We will be selling clothes, women's accessories and more. Come and visit us at one of the booth. I'm not sure about the booth no. Btw, Baby Yasmien is back and I miss her terribly. Now that Baby Yasmien is home, the family is happy again. Hehe.. yes we reli love that adorable baby. Last but not least, i miss him too ♥21. I was worried he didn't call me the whole afternoon. He called me around 11pm just now and he just woke up. Kesian.. I miss him BERABISS! I am very happy that he called.. at least i get to hear his voice before i go to sleep. Hehe.... I'm so tired alredi and I'm sleepy. Nite2 everyone!

♥ Mellicious
12:41 AM

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kaya Roti?

Most working people in Brunei is richer today... & u know why is that? Of cors, its PAYDAY. I've seen long queues in the bank, ATM & last but not least of corz, SUPERMARKET. I am sure everyone noticed that some people willing to leave the office during working hours just to go to the bank & withdraw their money. &&& why is it every payday people would spend more than necessary on shopping? It does not matter what kind of shopping they do but I've noticed MOST people here in Brunei loves spending more than savings. I don't know if they really do have savings or not but it seems like.. they don't do much savings. Why is it every payday they would spend more than enough when groceries shopping? From the way i've seen some people, i can say that they spent berabis macam kan untuk makan dua or tiga bulan. Padahal every month macam atu membali. Its not like i have anything against it but its just that dont u think we should spend wisely on our money? Sometimes there are other necessities which might be needed unpredictably? For instance, what if your car suddenly broke down & needs to be repaired? && which at that time you've spent most of your money already after paying bills, car loans, credit card etc. How can u even pay for repairing your car? And this is the MAIN PROBLEM, they willing to borrow from others or even worse sacrificed not to pay for the car loan at that particular month. Don't u think that you are burdening yourself with debts? I'm not saying i'm perfect. I've learned to do some savings for my future needs.

What i'm trying to say here.. "berbelanja lah dengan seadanya. Janganlah berlebihan dan membazir". Working with the finance company & meeting up with clients that has financial problems has taught me that it is VERY IMPORTANT to have some savings for future needs. Nobody in this world likes to end up having financial crisis. Money matters to everyone in this world. Some people can be so desperate that they end up doing "stupid things" when they don't have money at all. Some even commits suicide when they couldn't think of any other ways to pay their debts. It is a very crucial problem that we are facing here in Brunei. While surfing the net about ISLAM, i came across this "Rasullullah SAW tidak menggalakkan umatnya untuk berbelanja lebih dan berhutang berlebihan sampai tidak mampu untuk melangsainya."

TRUE! I sometimes spent more than i shud have & i ended up being broke at the end of the day. Ermm.. its getting late, i need my sleep. Hehe.. to be continued.

♥ Mellicious
12:55 AM

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yipeee... yess, i'm back!

Straight to the point - IM DEAD BORED so i decided to change my layout. Its been like forever since i last posted my last entry. I've been busy plus lazy for the last few months. I miss my sister, Girl. I hope she's duin alrite in KL by herself. I hope she'll learn to be independent while being away from the familia. I know how she feels being away from the family for quite a long time. My sister went pursuing her studies & I really hope she will excel in her studies. I also hope she will study hard for her own good & make all of us proud of her. Seriously its not easy being away from the family and at the same time we need to cope with the new environment living alone without the family. When u got used to having ur siblings around you, u wud surely feel the deep impact being lonely for the first time. Sooner or later only by then you will get used to the new environment. It is just a matter of time trying to adapt to the new changes.

Anyway, it was my bestfriend Wendy's Birthday yesterday & i actually planned to meet up with the rest of the girls to celebrate Wendy's bday but too bad some of em couldn't make it. Its alrite.. we'll just meet up some other time ladies.. I MISS THEM SO MUCH! I've been thinking a lot of things these days and i don't know why i am being a heavy thinker lately. I used to not think too much about a certain matter and i can't help it but too think about it too much, wayyyy too much! BUT its okey.. InsyaALLAH things will go my way with the blessings from ALLAH SWT someday somehow. Mom planned to have breakfast later early morning and WHY AM I NOT SLEEPING YET ??! ITs freakin' 0351hrs rite now & I am still not sleepy. Sigh~

Its late & I need my sleep. I am just too lazy to post up some new recent pics of mine with my girls, familia & of cors beloved Baby Yasmien. Nantitah.. ngantukku udah. Toodles. x0x0

>>> Listening to Afgan - Bukan Cinta Biasa (gerenti tetdurku ne..I love this song!)

♥ Mellicious
3:30 AM

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